Founded in 2017 in Wayzata, Minnesota, the Gabbro Head Press specializes in fiction, literary studies, art, biography, and history.

​​Publications projected for  2019  - 2020

The Gabbro Head Press is proud to announce its production of  three works of fiction  in 2019 - 2020:

Spiderweb Alley  
by Verlyn Flieger
A thematic sequel to Pig Tale and The Inn at Corbies' Caww, the new  novel by Verlyn Flieger continues to explore the powerful effects that  stories can have on the courses of human lives, as the vivacious  Beth and her lover, Mick, a professional folklorist, visit a remote  part of our  world where an oral storytelling tradition still thrives.
Arthurian Voices
by Verlyn Flieger
This unique book will include  Flieger's two major works of Arthurian fiction --  
Avilion: a Romance of Voices and The Bargain: a Comedy of Voices

In Avilion, Flieger uses her passion for the works of Sir Thomas Malory as  fuel for her imagination to create  a series of dramatic monologues through which the  men and women of Camelot  speak in their own voices and express their own opinions on the passion and tragedy of Malory's Arthurian world.

In  The Bargain, inspired by the 14th century poem  Sir Gawain and the G reen Knight, the reader smiles though  Sir Gawain's  anxieties  as he endures his uncomfortable ordeals  both in the bedroom and under the  blade of the Green Knight's battle-axe.      
The Eunuch: Complete and Unexpurgated
by Charles H. Fischer
At once a  well-researched historical novel set in ancient Babylon during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar II  and an eviscerating  satire of the academic life of graduate students of the humanities, this memoir of the eunuch Nergal, which relates the unsmooth course of a very peculiar love story,  is an extraordinary comic work. 

Some advance praise for The Eunuch :-

"Absolutely masterful" - Ryan Boudinot, author of Blueprints of the Afterlife
"A fresh and distinct voice" - Richard Farr, author of The Fire Seekers
"The saga, the characters, the historical context and setting, and the timeliness and timelessness of it are mind-boggling.  Nergal is an extraordinary character and an unforgettable narrator." - Robin Cruise, editor, formerly at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt